The Consort Necklace

Recently on Facebook I saw someone with the History Geeks call a necklace a “consort necklace”.  A consort necklace? What on earth is that!? I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t heard this before. My response was – a new blog post idea! 🙂

Let’s start off by saying I’m not an expert – I’m like most of you…royal history is a fascination of mine and a passion. It’s a hobby I became obsessed with. I do not know anything about royal jewelry but I feel like most of us will be able to come to the same conclusion by looking at these portraits.

Have you ever looked at the portraits of the Tudor queen consorts? I’m talking about Elizabeth of York, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr. I can’t find a portrait of Anne of Cleves wearing a necklace that looks similar, but maybe that’s because she wasn’t queen long enough.

When I look at these images I can see that there are definitely similarities in their necklaces, except for Elizabeth of York – her necklace is a little different. Katherine of Aragon’s necklace is also different from the others as well.

The similarities seem to be that they are made of gold, pearls and some fine stones, like rubies. They are all absolutely gorgeous. I can only wonder how heavy they were to wear.

What do you think?