1. Banditqueen

    Kathryn Howard wasn’t a child. I find it ridiculous that people fail to understand that fact. Calling her a child is very misleading and shows no understanding of her times. She was young, yes, but a young woman, not a child.

    Her earlier life was mixed and although her relationship with Dereham probably showed she had poor judgement in men as many young people do, it was consensual and not abusive. Her romance with Manox, however, was more controlling by him and even her meeting him afterwards was poor judgement but the judgement of a teenager nonetheless. His behaviour borders on grooming.

    Kathryn was reckless meeting any man alone or with one maid in secret late at night and although it is controversial as to her guilt of treason and adultery, she looked guilty, said she wanted to go further and tragically for her, that was enough to condemn her. I have some sympathy because her former life ended long before her marriage to Henry and she was painted as a slut. In reality she had one former boyfriend and one lover while married. Hardly a slut. I don’t believe her youth excused her behaviour, however, but it does make her execution seem rather harsh.

  2. Ashok Patel

    Katherine stood no chance with narcissistic Henry VIII when even streetsmart and intelligent Anne Boleyn too couldn’t save her head. Sad indeed.

  3. Jill

    “Yours as long as life endures” Henry ensured that would not be for long. Poor, foolish, little girl.
    Thanks for this article – interesting read.

  4. Philip Roberts

    Evidence and research published recently in BBC History magazine stated that Katherine had not had sexual intercourse with Thomas Culpepper and that, as you quoted, Katherine was verbally married to Dereham. King Henry knew of this. This vow was as good enough as being actually married. King Henry could have divorced her but he had already turned into a tyrant and thus wanted her head. Evidence of her age points to her being alot younger than previously thought. I feel so sad for Katherine.

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