1. The Electronic site GENI shows that Owen Tudor and Cahterine de Valois are my13th great grandparents via the William gardiners who married Helen Tudor, Jasper’s daughter by Myveny. My research shows that Henry Bolingbroke IV broke off his offensive on Scotland 1400 to deal with the Tudor Brothers and Owain Glenndower who was in a land dispute with his allay in Wales over a measurage of land. Both Tudor Brothers and their wives were at Conway Castle when Bollingbroke arrived and the King simply walked in and took posession without fireing a shot since all the knights and wives had assembled at Florida Abbey for Easter. Owen Tudor was born later that year of 1400 and most likely in February January , 9 months after a March 14? Easter. My point in bringing this up is there is now DNA evidence that Sir John Perrot’s surviving Son, John Perrot jr. 1590 has a line of American great grandsons who test I-1 Haplogroup M253 SNP. I won’t bore you with how I came to this conclusion, but wonder if you came across the same information? D.Charles Rice 1948 13 great grandson Owen Tudor 1//2 brother of Henry V.

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