1. Edward C. Stengel

    I often wonder why so little is said about the relationship of Princess Mary of Harewood and her nieces, princess (later queen) Elizabeth and her sister, princess Margaret. After all, Mary was the only aunt on their father’s side.

  2. A Macias

    Just did a second DNA ancestry test. I got Habsburg family dna connection through a maternal ancestors. Shock! All I know is that a distant ancestor was a Spanish hapsburg.

  3. Anne Boleyn was very smart to arrange the marriage between Fitzroy and Mary Howard. It was not in her best interests for Fitzroy to marry a princess or noblewoman from the continent. Any children Fitzroy had due to such a marriage would be a threat to her daughter Elizabeth’s position in the succession. Keeping the marriage in the family allowed the Howards to retain control over the situation. Just a note: Mary Howard’s mother was dead set against the marriage with Fitzroy. She lost her position at court because of it.

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