Free Tudor Summit Online – This Weekend!

This weekend I am lucky enough to have been asked to be part of the first ever Tudor Summit! This summit was put together by the owner of English Renaissance History Podcast, Heather Teskyo.

Heather has brought together for this first summit a great collection of Tudor enthusiasts and I hope you go online and register. You don’t have to watch live (but I hope you do) because the segments will be available for a short time after, to those who are registered for the event.

So heres the schedule (all times UK). You can use this time zone converter if you need help figuring out the time in your country:


4pm-5pm – Sarah Gristwoodhistorian and author of Game of Queens
5pm-6pm – Tony Riches (author ofThe Tudor Trilogy)
6pm-7pm – Nathen Amin (Author and founder of The Henry Tudor Society)
7pm-8pm – Melita Thomas (Tudor Times)
8pm-9pm – James Bolton (Queens of England Podcast)


4pm – 5pm- Natalie Grueninger (Author and founder of On the Tudor Trail)
5pm – 6pm – Heather Teysko (Renaissance English History Podcast)
6pm – 7pm- Rebecca Larson (Tudors Dynasty)
7pm – 8pm – Gina Clark (Tudor Dreams Historical Costumier)
8pm – 9pm – Roland Hui (Tudor Faces)

If you’d like to see someamazing Tudor enthusiasts (like myself) speak about your all-time favorite subject please go to right now and register. It’s FREE. It’s ONLINE. Just do it for me, please. 🙂

I am so honored and blessed to be part of such a great event and to be named with people I truly respect.


Rebecca Larson


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