1. The Queen’s children by Dudley: Mary Sidney 1561 Raised by Dudley’s sister Mary Sidney and who’s descendant had the mariage document which Queen Victoria Destroyed At Pembrookshire Castle. 2) Sir Francis Bacon 1563 raised by the keeper of the great seal Edmund Baker and Mary Cook-Bacon. 3) and unknown son born 1565 Nov.17-22 when the Spanish Ambasdor asked after the queen and her spokesman said: “The queen is suffering from season affliction” / A possible 4th child also male was a Spanish Court visitor and spy allegedly raised by a worker of Dudley’s. We all know the LIE that she died a virgin…now why don’t you all go find the evidence for what my father told me about Dudley who is my named 9th great grandfather and UNKNOWN female.

  2. Perhaps you have heard that Queen Victoria burned the sole surviving doccument at the Earl of Pembrooks home on a state visit there? I have read accounts of this and wonder if you had also? I am a living descendant of the Man She favored, Robert Dudley. His legitimate sons and another son not so legitimate died out in Italy 1700. I carry 60/67 DNA match to Robert Dudley’s 5th cousins: Robert Sutton 1637 and his brother Thomas. Obviously one boy got away or rather, was put as far from the Dudley family as they could get and that was in Ma. Via Tenby, Wales, where my proved 6th great grandfather John RICE 1624 of Dedham married Anne Hackley on November 27, 1649. The male to male succession ended with my birth in 1948. The Rice family connection is John Perratt 1565 raised by the Queen’s alleged half brother: Sir John Perrott 1528 by Mary Berkley Perrot-Pughe who had the boy at Carew Castle during the rebuild after serving in Ireland during the rebellion.

  3. Sandy Wallace

    Such a trial to have too many suitors! I don’t blame Elizabeth since she wanted to be her own woman and not to be eclipsed by a husband ruling for her. She was educated and enlightened above women of her generation.

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