1. Molly

    It sounds like people were being nice since she was the queen. Her description sounds awful. People today have bad teeth from neglect, so I know hers were awful back then. If the poor blackened their teeth then hers and the teeth of the wealthy had to be awful. They had black teeth, black teeth! How can you spin that to be okay?

  2. ronnie

    Between brushing her teeth with sugar after sucking on candies all day and wearing toxic makeup every day, I can’t imagine her appearance was actually better than it sounds. It also sounds like she was given less grief for her looks than women get for their looks today (though her self esteem was apparently just as affected by it all).

  3. Karen L Largent

    I’m sure there’s some bit of truth to most anything Tudor and Elizabeth related. All that sugar! I’m surprised they didn’t say she was obese! I wouldn’t have wanted a Barber/Surgeon near me either! All portraits were serious so we have no contemporary pictures of anyone smiling! Great article Rebecca!!!

    • twocents

      Have you ever seen her corset made out of whale bone? It is so small! She must have “corseted” herself to death lol, because her waist is so tiny in every portrait.
      I would have thought she would have been obese too. All that sugar! wow..
      And, sugar paste for the teeth?? Wut?
      That is just terrible!

    • ewww no ur so wrong. Im totally right that donna Kackson played her better in The Outside of A Queen. Ugh you guys don’t know ur movies 🙁

  4. Wow. Didn’t think that a QUEEN’s teeth would be so rotten!??. What people think about Queen Elizabeth I is very different than the truth. I needed this info for a school project and now I am regretting choosing this topic?

  5. Susan

    I’ve also always read that her teeth were bad but then again, mine would be terrible too without modern dentistry! Some people are born, I think, with softer teeth and bones. Imagine Kat and others nursing her through headaches, period pain, and smallpox without modern painkillers! thank you for bringing this to my attention, I have a mental portrait I keep with me of Elizabeth and I push aside the bad teeth, shaved eyebrows, white paste makeup on bad skin and bright red wigs so basically it’s Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth, my personal favorite portrayal.

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