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  1. History records that for 5 days and nights Robert Dudley and Elizabeth Spent celebrating his rise to Master of the Queens Horses….see History of Parlimnet on line Feb12-17 1564….9 most later she was again out of sight for 5 days and the Ambasador of Spain asked a direct question of Lord Burleigh:”Has the queen recently had the birth of child?” to which the every discreet Burleigh answerd: “No sir, the Queen is suffering from seasonal afflictions”. I say the most powerful woman in the world found her truest love in Dudley and never stopped for a moment to deny her womanly instincts. She also confessed on her Small Pox death bead:”Robert Dudley is to reign as Lord Protetor of England in my absence and saw to it that 20,000 lbs was set aside by her court to service his needs as Lord Protector. That is the act of wife protecting her Husband and she emphatically said “I have always obeyed the laws of the Church” So I read that to mean she secretly WED Dudley but would never proclaim it as it would have invited SPAIN and France to invade England together. DCR

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