1. Cathy Gouker: are you on file at GENI? If so it is easy to see where we are connected….My line is so obscure but potent that nearly all my family are dopplegangers for Tudor’s and French Kings Henry II and Louis XI. DCR

  2. I am grateful for this site. There are few places where I can be heard and understood, by persons of vastly superior knowledge that I simply did not . Your articles are MUST READ information to me and is part of my daily research. I thank you for your great diligence and research into the Tudors. Having only discovered the relationships over the past 5 years it has been a stunning revelation. DCR 1948

    • Cathy Gouker

      I feel we must be related as I too have my lineage traced as far back as John of Gaunt and Margaret Beaufort. Small world

  3. I am working on the story told to me by my 92 year old father in 1978 just before he passed in Feb. 1979. He so started me: a nebraska bred and Oregon Farm boy that I really could not think about or imagine who the people were that he said were our known and proved relatives. I am still dumfounded that the World thinks that Sir John Perrot 1528 whom everyone then believed was Elizabeth’s 1/2 brother born to Mary Berkley Pughe was an imposter. The entire court including Edward VI, Mary I , and Elizabeth I treated him as family. He raised my 8th great grandfather John Perratt II 1565 from infantcy to his being declared dead in 1582 when Perratt II got sir John Daugher Anne Perrot Picton pregnant and delivered a son Robert Phillips 8 years prior to birth of the heir to Picton Castle. This insider information is confirmed in that Robert had I-1 Haplogroup DNA and therefore matches mine. That particular family emigrated to America and we know them as tested I-1 Haplogroup…..descended from Sutton Dudley and Baldwin II of Flanders, also named by my father. It’s simply not possible for a man born in 1887 with an 8th grade education to have this information now confrimed by DNA. As you might imagine: Certain critical minds dismissed my story early on before the DNA results were known and compared. My father’s line connects to Ethelralda Maults’ Daugher Anne Steubbs daughter of Hester Herrington to my ancestor of my Grandmother one Whitehall Marsh at Ralph Marsh married to the heiress of Watchfield Manor one Anne Codrington. Further, my father chose for his bride a woman who is descended from both sides Sutton-Dudley John Of Gaunt/Beaufort and Chalfant servants of Windsor Castle. WE American Rice-Dudley’s bare the faces of the European Monarch of that day and time by his selection and the process called breeding back in Husbandry circles. Just food for thought as you write about my ancestors I am learning what I was never told until age 30. The fact is I was gob smacked and much of my FARMER Roots family won’t even entertain the thoughts that we have this connection. We are Proved descendant to 6th great Grand Father JOhn Rice of Dedham Ma. 1624. I have 60/67 DNA match to the Sutton Line: Cousins to Robert Dudley….his sons all died in Italy or England/Wales with no genetic trail other than 2nd cousin and 6th cousin. DCR 1948 Nebraska Rice’s

  4. The statement was merely to let any person interested in Deep Family connections know that we American Tudors are here, alive, in the 21st century, as descendants ancestors of The Tudor Monarchs. No status, no property, no reward expected. Most of the world thinks the Tudor’s died out with Elizabeth, but that is not so. You
    are A site devoted to all things Tudor, about my great aunt Anne Bolyne her husband my 13th great grandmother Mary Bolyne would
    would be of interest to some here.

  5. Henry VII is my 2nd cousin by his mother Margaret Beaufort grand daughter of John of Gaunt who is my maternal 14th great grandfather. This child of Henry VIII is my 4th cousin. But Elizabeth I is my first cousin by her mother and my Great Aunt Anne. Her sister is my 11th great grandmother Mary Bolyne via the Howard family. They link to Wingfield, Woodward, Thomas, Chalfant,Chandler, Collins, and Cookston. DCR Blood Cousin of Henry VIII

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