1. Miss Kitty

    I agree with the other posters I have read letters by King Henry the eigth to Anne Boleyn and also a letter by Mary Boleyn, they wrote in a flowery kind of way and the education of young princes and princesses was very extensive they had the best tutors and were very smart it wouldnt surprise me if he did write it himself the Tudors were all very clever

  2. Lisa Russell

    I don’t believe he (HRM Arthur) was “coached” in writing this letter as was suggested. His education would have been very intense as he was intetended to be King. Also, during that particular time period, their letters were known to be very superfluous with complimentary phrases and flowery sentences.

    • Christy

      I agree. It’s not the language to consider but the concepts in the letter. I don’t read anything in the letter that would lead me to believe that it was concocted by a more mature mind.

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