1. Helen Hodge

    I enjoyed both the portraits and the commentary. Yes, she was lovely, with what seems to be very prominent eyes, wide open and taking in everything. As one reader mentioned, how sad that she died so young. It seems as if most of the royals never made it to sixty. Thank you for this story.

  2. She was beautiful and I agree that she was either blond or had red hair. It is written that King Henry VIII thought his mother the most beautiful woman. It was too bad that she died young. She might have given Henry a little more guidance and appreciation for women.

  3. J.P. Reedman

    I like some of these much better than the ‘usual’ portrait of Elizabeth. I note she seems in all to have brownish eyes, perhaps hazel. Her father Edward seems to also have brown/hazel eyes in at least one portrait although his brother Richard’s are shown as blue/grey (confirmed blue or blue variant by DNA). Many writers have described her hair as ‘gold’ but with hazel eyes possibly a reddish tone was more likely than true blond.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      My guess for her hair is probably strawberry blonde, like mine. There are varying shades of it. Some are much closer to blonde with a hint of red.

      • Nina

        She was indeed strawberry blonde. It was one of the Spanish Ambassador’s comment when he met her, King Henry VII, and Arthur.

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