1. Valenta

    The two naturalistic paintings (by Michael Sittow) are the most lovely, and you can imagine as a modern person that she really did look like that. The rest are later and wow, what a difference in style, I cannot really understand the lack of skill in them, overall, and the incapacity to capture her look. I know that post mortem portraits were often made to reflect the general mood, so as to color history, so perhaps they were made to show her in an unflattering way. And the second to last, again, lack of skill? If one were copying a Hans Holbein the younger, of anyone, they failed!~ The two Sittow paintings are reminiscent of Holbein, in the naturalism and careful attention to realistic proportions and light.

  2. Mava L Seaman

    The next to the last portrait, although it is posted as Katherine of Aragon does not appear to be her. She had a prominent chin. This woman has a receding chin. Hmmmm

  3. kdk

    I believe the next to last portrait (By John Goldar, after Hans Holbein the Younger; NPG D24174) is not Katherine of Aragon.

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