1. la wilder

    I believe #20, the Holbein portrait is most likely a true likeness. His beautiful,delicate line drawings show his observational skills. He obviously studied the proportions of her features and is one of histories greatest artists. His style, alone, demands precision and since he was doing a rendering of the queen, he is sure to have been careful to create a portrait true to her face.

  2. The interesting thing to me is that they all look extremely similar. I like to think that they all have aspects of Anne in them. My personal favourite is #3, not because it might be the most a curate but because she looks like the intelligent, not-quite-beautiful woman she was reported to be.

  3. Kim Parker

    Holbein was known for creating portraits that idealised the sitter – look at the Anne of Cleeves debacle (when she was found not to match the beauty of her portrait and Henry VIII repudiated her). #20 could therefore very well be Anne.

  4. Robert Joseh

    Number 20 is not Anne Boleyn. It’s easy to date this image from 1535 at the earliest due to the length of the hood lappets which are almost at mouth level. In 1535, Anne Boleyn was 34 years old and the woman in this sketch is much younger…plus the neck is too short and too thick…

  5. Gail Marie

    #5 is my favorite but I think you are right about the Nidd Hall portrait looking the most like what Anne really looked like.

  6. richard

    I think 20, for some reason I always think of her like that image , but who knows maybe they will find a original someday somewhere hidden …..

    • Tudors Dynasty

      #2 is the one I used to think looked like the real Anne – I think it makes her look so sweet, and innocent.

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