1. I share 23/25 Y chromosome match to Dudley’s second cousin John Dudley 1850. And the more important match is to his 6th cousin Robert Sutton 1637 where we share 59/67 sites tested. Dudley’s line supposedly went extince in Italy after his son Robert Dudley styled Duke of Leiscester married my first cousin Alice Leigh. Their sons lived and died in Italy where he tried to regain his father’s titles but he was illegitimate son of Dudley and Douglas Howard Schieffeld. Also my Maternal first cousin. Dudley is my second cousin and you can see the resemblence on my Face Book Page called D. Charles Rice. I think the comparrison to young Dudley and myself quite startling. We do not which female gave birth to his son raised by another cousin: Sir John Perrot of Carew but my 8th great grandfather was listed along with two other brothers by Sir JOHN and Sybil Perrot William and Sir Robert Perrot of Havorford west in the Oxinesis at Harvard 1580. D. Charles Rice

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