Who Should Play Queen Elizabeth I?

Yesterday there were reports that 26 year old, Margot Robbie is in negotiations to play Queen Elizabeth in “Mary Queen of Scots” opposite Saoirse Ronan who would play Mary.

Margot Robbie

See announcement here:Margot Robbie to Play Queen Elizabeth in Mary Queen of Scots (EXCLUSIVE)

In my opinion she is a strange choice for Elizabeth…there HAS to be another actress from this younger generation that would more closely resemble Elizabeth.

My #1 choice would be Jessica Chastain – I think she would be perfect! Okay, so she’s my age and not of the “younger generation” but I can definitely see her playing Elizabeth, brilliantly.

My #2 choice would be Mia Wasikoswska…wouldn’t she be perfect, too? Just picture her with strawberry blonde/red hair!

My #3 choice would be Molly Quinn, although she might be too beautiful for the part.

My #4 choice would be Bryce Dallas Howard – another “big name” but I think she’d do a fantastic job playing Elizabeth.

Who do you think would play a perfect Elizabeth? Let’s please exclude all of those who have so brilliantly played her in the past.





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  1. I think Rebecca Ferguson, who played Elizabeth Woodville in The White Queen, would be a great Elizabeth I. She did a great job in that series and I would like to see what she could do with Elizabeth.

  2. I would love to see Molly Quinn, but as for appearance, we really don’t know what Elizabeth looked like. The paintings of the time aren’t very representative.

  3. The woman that plays QE1 in Reign. She has the fire to play both good and bad sides, of Elizabeth!

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