This Day in History: 29 June

1312 - Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII crowned. "Unique Silk Cloth Found in Emperor Henry Vll's Coffin" - Read here.   Holy Roman Emperor, Henry Vll 1397 - John II of Aragon born. King of Aragon from 1458 until 1479. He was the son of Ferdinand I and his wife Eleanor of Alburquerque. John is regarded as one of the most memorable kings of the 15th century. 1482 - Maria of Aragon, queen of Portugal born 1509 - Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII [More]

This Day in History: 28 June

1461 - Edward IV crowned king of England                 1491 - King Henry VIII was born                 1519 - Charles V elected Holy Roman Emperor                   1541 - Leonard Grey executed for high treason. Leonard Grey was the son of  Thomas Grey, 1s [More]

What happened to the children of George, Duke of Clarence & Isabel Neville?

Margaret Plantagenet was the daughter of  George, Duke of Clarence and his wife Lady Isabel Neville.  By 1478 both parents had died - Margaret was four years old and her brother Edward was almost three. Her Uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, was now King of England as Richard lll, and their Aunt, Anne Neville as queen consort. Margaret and her brother Edward were raised by Richard and Anne.  Anne was a sister to Isabel and Richard a brother to the Duke of Clarence. In 14 [More]

This Day in History: 27 June

1462 - Louis XII, the Just, King of France (1498-1515) born.                 Louis was married three times: 1. Jane of France.  Louis, as a royal heir was not allowed to choose his own bride.  Louis Xl chose Jane of France for him.  Ultimately, the marriage ended in annulment.  For more info from wikipedia, c [More]

This Day in History: 26 June

1460 - Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, and Edward, Earl of March, land in England with a rebel army and march on London                 1483 - Duke of Gloucester appoints himself King Richard III of England                 1498 - Toothbrush invented on this day 1575 - Anne Catherine of Brandenburg, queen of Denmark and Norway [More]

This Day in History: 25 June

1529 - Katherine of Aragon was found in contempt of the court of Blackfriars for not attending                 Famous Births 25 June: 1242 - Beatrice of England, Duchess of Brittanny (d. 1275) 1328 - William Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury, English military leader (d. 1397) 1373 - Joanna II, Queen of Naples (1414-35) Famous Deaths, 25 June: 1483 - Edward V, king of England (Apr 9-Jun 25, [More]