1. I love this stuff! What they say about truth being stranger than fiction certainly applies to the royal history of England, including all the Plantagenet and Tudor stories. I’ve read quite a lot on these topics, but when I’ve been away from it for a while, all the Edwards, Henries, etc., start to get mixed up in my head… especially with all those crossed genealogy lines. I never read about these families without a detailed family tree and my reading glasses (because the most detailed family trees require very fine print!) within arm’s reach. Thanks for the recap!

  2. Sue Ellen Anderson

    I thought it was Richard III who was assumed to have imprisoned the princes in the tower and killed them and not one of the Henry’s.

    • Some have suggested The Duke of Buckingham as having procured the murder of the Boys in the Tower, without Richard III’s knowledge or consent. I think Paul Murray Kendal makes the more prominent case to that effect.

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