1. PS: DNA evidence through the sons of Sir John Perrot alleged son on Henry VIII had I-1 Haplogroum M253 terminal snp. This most likely came from Owen Tudor’s father whom I found to be Henry BOllingbroke….widowed for 3 years he rode south to Wales to quell Owen Glendowers rebellion against Percy Hotspur and captured the entire party at Conway Castle. Owen Tudor was born 1400 about Jan 15 9 mos. after the encounter at Conway where Mardudd’s wife was with him. Owen was summoned to court of Bollingbroke age 9 as a servant to Henry V…that’s how he came to be in contact with the King and his French Queen. DCR

  2. Geni: The genilogical electronic site shows the Tudor’s to be 16 th great grandparents and Mary Boleyn to be my 13th ggm Catherine Carey via Anne knolleys, to dela Wares Woodson, Collins, ap Thomas Cookston to Rice of Nebraska. We 7 kids look like various Tudors as well. DCR

  3. Could you please provide the full title and author of the Chronicles of the Plantagenets book you site as the source of Catherine’s mental state? It would be interesting to know the primary source for the “common knowledge” of her health.

  4. Diane brozosky

    Other then a book , crown in the candlelight by Rosemary Jarman , this is the most I’ve read about Katherine ,and your appears to be historical research vs my book , I believe was more fictional but I enjoyed your article !

  5. Dawn Joynes

    Most interesting, it’s always good to know more about the major players beginnings. I had no idea that this woman existed!

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