1. The Second Commandment is “not to make graven images”, and then the rest of them. Your ninth commandment “not to covet your neighbour’s wife” is combined into the tenth commandment.

  2. Miss kitty

    Didnt francis bryan betray his cousin anne boleyn if he was getting ladies for the king to meddle with as well he had plenty to get forgiveness for thats only what we do know about it

  3. Mrs Eyre

    I wonder whether the involvement of the Pope isn’t so much an indicator of the seriousness of the transgression so much as simply a result of his having been in town, and a rare opportunity to go to the organ grinder rather than the monkey. The letter says that the Pope won’t be in town much longer.

  4. Charlene

    There are only a tiny number of ‘reserved’ sins that require papal absolution, but all but one only apply to priests (and Vicar of Hell or not Bryan was still a layman). The only one a layman can commit is discarding the Host or using it in a sacreligious manner.

    I rather suspect, though, that Bryan was being facetious about absolution and was instead suggesting Lisle visit Rome for other more earthy reasons.

  5. Since Bryan provided his sister to Henry VIII for physical pleasure I doubt he was too disturbed about committing Adultery. Elizabeth Bryan was called the “Younger Wife” and though she bore Tudor a child, there was no action taken to legitimize him. His name was also Francis after his Uncle. He had no children. Elizabeth received many fine jewels from Henry with her brother’s blessing so I think Bryan must have had a part in MURDER…most likely to please the King? DCR

  6. Ellie Merritt

    Knowing a little of Sir Francis Bryan I would almost sure it was the 9th, but very common place with men of that time I would have guess it was more serious. I would say the 5th Thou shall not kill. I would think at that time they would have to confess to the Pope. However, he did say to ask pardon of his wife so guess we will never know unless you find and accidental find.

  7. Deborah Reed

    Thank You for posting this. Arthur Plantagenet is my 14th Great Grandfather. I like to read whatever I can find (which is not a whole lot.) Although, I do have the book, the Lisle Letters.

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