1. Hmmmmm: Since two cousins and 3 nephews and niece have testesd positive for Porphyria and I know what Purple ummm deterice looks like I think the Phrase: BORN TO THE PURPLE has an other meaning than most assume. Eh?

  2. Well done.. I had no idea about rumoured porphyria? There seemed to so much misjudgment going around those days. That simple twist of fate? So if she had married Edward before he died what would have happened? Being she was catholic would Mary Tudor have kept her around? So many endings if things had turned differently.

  3. It is a little ionric that Elizabeth was afraid of her half sister, Mary Tudor, but Mary was very threatened by Elizabeth’s existence. She had her imprisoned for a month in the Tower of London, then put her under house arrest. -With her cousin Mary Queen of Scots the stage was set by Henry the 8th, When Mary was born Henry desperately wanted her to marry his son Edward. When she was born Edward was age 5 and Elizabeth was age 9. Henry signed the Treaties of Greenwich that would have Mary come to England at the age of 10, and remain there until she was old enough to marry Edward. The idea would be that the children of Edward and Mary Queen of Scots would rule a unified Great Britain. -The Scots got nervous about the Treaties of Greenwich and voted it down in the Scottish parliament. Henry the 8th embarked on a strange campaign of minor warfare with Scotland to persuade them to accept the marriage. The attack was coupled with some of the first widespread public relations campaigns to appeal to the Scottish people to accept a unified kingdom. It appealed to the concept of a British people and tried to make the Scottish distrust the French. Of course, the mother of Mary Queen of Scots was French. After the death of Henry the 8th the English embarked on increased hostilities which culminated in the death of 5000 Scotsmen in one day (called Black Saturday). -Hatred between the Catholics and the Protestants increased under the violent rule of Bloody Mary. Although executions under Henry the 8th were often involved brutal torture, the burning alive of Protestants, sometimes very slowly, galvanized the anti-Catholic movement in England. The Scottish remained mostly Catholic. It may be ionric, but it is not actually suprising.========This irony continued into the 20th century when many of the kings in Europe fighting each other in WWI were actually cousins.

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