1. Shirley Rogers

    I am a descendant of Miles Cary, 1623-1667,immigrant and of John Woodson, killed in Indian attack of 1644.

    A DNA test indicates we are descendants of Mary Boleyn and Kings and Queens of England and France through Miles Cary.

    William Cary was a relative of King Henry VII, House of Stuart.

  2. Well, as I have commented before Mary Bolyene is my 13th great grandmother throught the de La Wars to Woodson to ap Thomas to Wing to Chalfant of the castle at Windsor, to Collins to Cookston Rice. Your series is helping me greatly to understand the Tudor’s which I had never really studied until I retired. My mother is descended from Tudor Twin Girls Lucy and Elizabeth Chalfant 1541 and my father through the Marsh family at Anne Marsh-Stubbes Daughter of Hester Harrington. We have the names on Watchfield Manor at Bath St. Catherine’s Priory gifeted to Ethelralda and the title as it passed to Anne Codrington Marsh. DCR 1948 Nebraska Rice’s

    • Robert Kapanjie

      Of course it is impossible to be certain but I would be suspicious of typhus as the cause of sweating sickness .

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