Could These Be Portraits Of Henry And Anne?

Lost Portrait of Young Henry VIII?

One of our Facebook fans,Teresa Taylor reminded me about this older post (2015) that covers a portrait found that is suggested to be Henry VIII. There is another that may also be Anne Boleyn. They were found inCzartoryski Museum in Krakw of Poland and are not labeled as our famous couple.

Please take a look and check out the article and tell me what you think! The article shows comparisons with other portraits.

Find article here: Young Henry VIII: A Lost Portrait?

Image Source: Wikicommons


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  1. Used my secret Google super powers. I found some info saying it is a painting of Charles VIII from this site:

    And then this from Wikipedia:
    Mostaert’s Portrait of a Courtier, a painting that until 2005 had been in the collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts since 1949, was found to have been confiscated by Nazi forces in 1941 from its rightful owners in Poland. It had come from a collection of artworks amassed by princess Izabela Fleming ne Czartoryska. The paintings were moved to Warsaw as war loomed but were inevitably seized by the Germans.

    The VMFA made the decision to deaccession and transfer the work to the Polish Embassy, acting on behalf of the rightful owners’ family. The family donated the painting to the Czartoryski Museum in Krakw, Poland.

    The small, oil-on-panel portrait is known to have had at least three different titles: Duke of Burgundy, Portrait of Charles VIII, and Portrait of a Courtier. It was once paired with a portrait of a lady, thought to be Anne of Brittany, the wife of Charles VIII, King of France.

  2. I don’t believe either one is Henry or Anne. Maybe, Arthur and Katherine of Aragon. Look at the hat the man has on. I don’t believe I have ever seen one that evens looks close to it, in other English paintings of the time. Looks foreign to me.

  3. The portrait of the woman looks more like a young Katherine of Aragon, and although the man might resemble Henry, he was always described as golden, red, blond, or auburn haired…, so this could be Prince Arthur.

    • I believe that Katerine had strawberry blond hair. Everyone always assumes that because she was Spanish she had dark hair but she did not. On the hand Anne had dark hair, dark slanted eyes that I believe resembles that painting. The other painting looks a lot like Henry’s early years. It resembles his other paintings.

  4. Henry Tudor had Red hair as a youth and Auburn hair as he grew in size and stature. This is more likely a painting of Arthur in the gilley flower pose and looks very much like that painting.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. I think it Henry’s sister. As for him, Henry was always said to be of the different shades of red. This painting seems much too dark. But then there is always artistic license. Maybe it was a dark day and his auburn hair look dark dark. I don’t know.

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