1. Banditqueen

    Personally I don’t believe he was Richard of England, he didn’t act like he was royal and there are too many contradictions in his story. However, if he wasn’t then he did a good job of causing Henry Tudor one giant headache. Many certainly believed this young man was whom he claimed to be, he was honoured as Prince Richard, Duke of York and son of King Edward iv in France, Flanders and Spain. He was supported by King James iii and married to his cousin Katherine Gordon. The nobles were divided over the claims made by Richard aka Perkin Warbeck and Sir William Stanley lost his head because he was willing to believe and support this young man for what he might be, the true King. The Cornish rebelled over taxation raised to pay for armies to fight Warbeck and he even used that as a final chance to invade. In the end he was taken, brought to Court, held, escaped, taken again, imprisoned, beaten up, forced to make what may be a false confession, tried and executed. Henry used this time as an excuse to get rid of young Warwick, Edward Plantagenet, at the behest of Spain. It was to finalise the marriage of Prince Arthur and Princess Catolina that they demanded all of the York blood be extinguished. Warwick was tried and beheaded to this end. So was he Richard of England? We will never know but he was certainly believed to be by many and that sealed his fate.

  2. Rebecca

    It does seem likely that ” Perkin Warbeck” was Richard,the Duke of York. Why would so many have believed his claim if he were not the real Richard?If his uncle Richard had not been greedy for the throne,the House of York would have ruled.It goes to show how dangerous it was for the young male heirs to the throne when the father died. Is it any wonder that the Tudors struggled with the male line? Even if there was no curse put by Elizabeth Woodville, the Tudors reaped what they sowed for having killed the innocent Edward the fifth and the other boy. It seems that Catherine of Aragon regretted what was done to the young Earl of Warrick later in her life.

  3. Andrea Willers

    He was the real mc coy, the true son of Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV. He stayed in the courts of Europe and was considered Richard the son of Edward IV throughout. The invader Henry Tudor proclaimed him a pretender, well he would do that because his own claim to the throne was a very weak one.

  4. Candia Harland

    I LOVED reading this article!!! And like you, I to TRUELLY believe that Perkin Warbeck WAS Richard Duke of York. I have been entreaged by the mystery about the Princes in the Tower ever sense I seen a documentary about them on tv. And I have read the book, The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir.I WAS HOOKED! So Yes, I Do believe!! Thank You for sending this Article !! LOVED IT!!

    • Tudors Dynasty

      I haven’t found anything where Perkin, aka Richard says who killed his brother Edward. That doesn’t surprise me because he would have been out of the country at the time, in hiding.

      • Amy

        “I myself, then nearly nine years of age, was also delivered to a certain Lord to be killed, [but] it pleased Divine Clemency, that lord, having compassion on my innocence, preserved me alive in safety: first, however, causing me to swear on the holy sacrament that to no one should I disclose my name, origin, or family, until a certain number of years had passed.”
        where I he says also was delivered indicates that someone (presumably his brother) was delivered either prior to or at the same time as him, and was delivered to the person who was to kill him…a person whose identity he also indicates he was sent with 2 people who would likely know who sent them abroad with him.

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