1. This was so informative. I am struck by the fact that ANNE Refused to agree with the attorney’s that the marriage had not been consumated. In light of my family tradition of twin girls born to the king via Margaret Art Broke of Anne herself, I am much in favor of research which would indicate if payment were received from the the crown to William and Margaret Chalfant in 1541-42 and was the basis of wealth to purchase land from William Penn when they left England together. DCR

  2. I was confused by this development as the King’s daughters Elizabeth Hinkley and Lucy Widmer CHALFANT raised by Margaret Artbroke and William Chalfant of Chepping Wycombe were both stewards at Windsor Castle for generations before the girls birth….The Chalfants emigrated to Pennsilvania along with William Penn purchasing some 600 acres of land from him and where they stayed until 1850 or some 200 years and 6 or 7 generations passed. The Chalfants are cousins of Bessie Blount 3rd cousins I believe and the Blounts are Cousins of the Tudor Kings. So it seems to me that the family history coincides with the story of a close relationship between Henry VIII and Anne for some brief interlude in May 1541. To purchase land in the amount they did would mean stewards at Windsor hundreds of pounds sterling at their disposal….. I think a transfer of funds from the crown to servants William and Margaret Chalfant would be a fair indication that King knew of the girls and provided for them as he did Ethelralda/Audry Maulte…the King’s Taylor adopted daughter who received Watchfield Mannor at Bath directly from Henry’s Hand to John and Ethelralda to her daugher Hester Harrington Steubbes, to her daugher Anne Steubbs-Codrington Marsh my 8th Paternal grandmother via Whitehall Marsh and Ralph Marsh of LONDON. D. Charles Rice 1948 9th ggs Robert Dudley and unkonwn woman.

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