1. Doug Rogers

    Loved reading this, as Ive stumbled on some Knollys’ as distant ancestors. Anne Knollys, Baroness De La Warr, married to the Baron De La Warre, Thomas West. Do you have any idea how she is related to Lettice? There can’t have been too many unrelated Knollys’ running around.

  2. YES: And Robert Dudley is my 9th great grandfather and proved 2nd cousin via his mother. He married Lettice Knolley’s my12th great Aunt grand daughter of Mary Boleyn my 13th great grandmother. We have 5 direct lines of descent in our Nebraska Rice family thanks to my father’s choice of a bride who is a Tudor descendant as well as great grand daughter of John Of Gaunt x 17. we actually bare more than passing resemblence to all of the Principals in the Tudor INDUSTRY. D. Charles Rice 1948

  3. Diana Wooding

    Love the article, as usual….it puts more ‘flare’ into my family writings….writing that ”family search” cannot mess with….if you happen to use them for genealogy…make sure u write down and check things out better..”do your own homework.” they removed so much of my info- and i tried calling utah,… they said someone must have used my info…when i checked the names and dates…come to find out…it was the church itself changing my information! do genealogy the correct way. they do it, so they can baptize people into their faith. again, my thanks

  4. Gwen

    I’m fairly certain the portrait you’ve listed as Lettice is not her, but, her younger sister Elizabeth Knollys. You can see her initials E K at side of the painting.

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