1. Peg

    This was intriguing. I want to make a chart of these relationships. There are a couple of books I want to read again now that some facts are a little straighter in my mind. Thank you! Thank you, great job.

  2. Maureen

    Overall it’s great history. I suggest doing some proof-reading though to catch some grammar and math that needs correcting. For example, Lord Denbigh was 3 years old when he died and Lettice lived another 31 years after Queen Elizabeth died.

    • Susan L.

      Maureen perhaps you didn’t read that the author of the article is from the US; as someone who hails from England I recognise that American/British grammar is in many ways different from ours, and I for one see nothing wrong with the authors writing. I think you’re just being rude and nit-picky.

      • Leslie

        She isn’t nitpicking, proper grammar is essential to communicating. Although it’s a good story, it’s annoying for the reader to have to correct the math. A proofread would go a long way, but since the author didn’t bother, it makes her appear lazy. Was she lazy with her facts too?

        Thank you, Maureen. Get a calculator Susan.

        • Tudors Dynasty

          I would hope that the readers could cut the author of this specific blog article some slack. This is a blog and not a book or novel. We are not professionals, this is a hobby of all of ours and to be honest when readers feel the need to tear apart a good article because they dislike the grammar or feel it could have been edited better I have no patience for that.

          I’m proud of anyone who is willing to put their work out there. This is my website – when I began I had no writing experience AT ALL and I have improved with every blog I’ve written. I’m here to help others grow as writers as well. There is a place for everyone here. What there isn’t a place for is people who feel the need to call names and be negative. It’s one thing to correct an incorrect historical date, it’s another to attack the author for their inexperience. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Please.

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