1. Robert Kapanjie

    Does the historical record reflect any indication as to what may have been the cause of Kathrerine’s death. The post indicates only that she was nauseated , was there vomiting ? Also that she was in pain , but where abdomen, chest, head etc. Small details such as these can often supply a reasonable assumption of what had happened as a terminal event. Thank you

    • Hi there, while researching this piece I found that there wasn’t particularly solid information regarding her illness. Katherine is recorded as being generally unwell for a time leading up to her death. Before her death she struggled to sleep, it is implied that she struggled to keep food down and she suffered pains in her stomach.

      After her death however her body was examined and her internal organs were found to be relatively healthy, except for her heart. Sources vary on whether her heart was discoloured, whether there was some kind of growth upon it or a combination of the two. It’s thought that she had some kind of cancer which affected her heart.

  2. Gregory Urbach

    A very well written piece. Like many controversial characters, there are varied opinions on Katherine of Aragon. I am of the opinion that she lied about the consummation of her marriage to Arthur to make herself more appealing to young Henry’s ego. The consummation could have, and likely was, dealt with by a Papal dispensation that Henry VIII later decided, sincerely or not, was inadequate. Had Katherine accepted the annulment of her marriage, as many urged, there would have been no break with Rome. Bishop John Fisher, Sir Thomas Moore, and many others would not have been executed. The Princess Mary would not have spent years of her childhood in misery. I am forced to believe this was a result of Katherine’s pride and stubbornness rather than a determined dedication to principle. Of course, those who admire Katherine are equally entitled to their opinion.

    • Isabel

      I respect your opinion, the mine is the opposite. There is evidence that indicates that Catherine told the truth, and I believe that she and Arthur did not consummate their marriage. I give Catherine the benefit of the doubt, like Anne Boleyn. We do not travel in time to know the truth. Catherine was humiliated by Henry. He tried to get rid of Catherine with the argument that their marriage was not valid because she had been the wife of his brother Arthur. Catherine considered that she had been his legitimate wife for twenty years, she had not traveled to England to become the mistress of a king, for a pious woman this was sin. And, of course, her daughter Mary was a legitimate princess of England, not a bastard. Henry was walking the wrong way and Catherine had to save Henry’s soul, and to fight for her honor, dignity and Mary’s rights. Henry blackmailed and pressured Catherine to try to achieve what he wanted, Anne Boleyn. I see Catherine was a strong woman with principles. Henry was the only one to blame for the Catholics’ deaths and the suffering of his daughter Mary. Henry was not magnanimous with them. Anne Boleyn was a fanatical reformer. If she had so much influence over Henry, England breaks with Rome, with or without Catherine.

      • Lover of history

        You wrote it better than I could.

        BTW, I get frustrated when the supporters of Anne Boleyn tries to reduce Katherine of Aragon marriage of 20 years plus to nothing. How long did Henry VIII stay married to Anne Boleyn? Not forgetting that Anne Boleyn was one of Queen Katherine of Aragon ladies in waiting. Anne Boleyn was a home wrecker and disrespectful to Katherine at court. Anne Boleyn wasnt a virgin. I believe Katherine of Aragon didnt consummate her marriage with Arthur. She was pious.

        • Tudors Dynasty

          While I agree that people often forget how long Henry was married to Katherine we should not make claims about Anne not being a virgin. The only person who knows the truth is Anne herself. Other than that is merely speculation. As historians say, we can only go off the documents that remain.

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