1. Motia

    I read the book and loved it. I don’t agree Henry vii was in love with Catherine Gordon. He found her attractive as most men would and was fascinated by her, but he loved Elizabeth. Best of men can get swayed by beauty so why wouldn’t a king! He never got over Elizabeth. He could have married Catherine if he really wanted to but chose to keep her as a companion he enjoyed the company of, someone he fancied and grew to care for but it was never enough to pursue cos his heart always belonged to Elizabeth. Quite a nice love story considering most kings were rather unfaithful and even rapists!

  2. Sunny Rowe

    Henry VII was very close fisted with his money, even being miserly. That’s off recorded history, and he left far coffers to his sons. For him to be so extravagant, he most certainly was in love – not that it was consumated, or an affair. That would be an improper conjecture. He also suffered from leprosy in his later years, I believe and wore a veil in public – I think I have this right. She may have been able to aide and soothe him in this disease. That would make most sense to me.

    • Joan shaw

      You have confused Henry VII with someone else . He did not suffer from leprosy, he had tuberculosis . He never wore a veil.

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