1. Excellently written; I am an American British Historian and Have been fascinated by katharine Howard , sometimes spelled Catharine. The picture of her which has been for ages if an older dark haired woman is not her. The picture on your article British historians now believe Thats is the teal Catharine. Thomas Culpepper many believed he blackmailed her; and some believe She was in love w him as a found letter proved. Culpepper was the Kings Groom of the Stool, but before that position He raped a woman and killed a man who tried to stop him. This was in the country. King Henry pardoned him. Which if Henry knew what He& his Rise without a thorn were doing they both been beheaded.

  2. Linda McLeod

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been doing ancestry for a few years and I have found that Kathryn Howard is my 14th Great Aunt through her mother. I am looking forward to the second part of this true story. And this makes me thankful that I did not live back then.

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