1. Katherine Regnier

    I love the posts that appear regarding the Tudors. Is there any chance that a podcast might be somewhere in the future? Thanks again.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Possibly. I’m always willing to do new things but it may be awhile. I tried a video blog and that didn’t get enough views for me to continue.

  2. Candia Harland

    In reading this Article …. I had to giggle at the part where Chapuys men told him that he couldn’t see the Queen… but nothing was said that they couldn’t! Thought that was kind of funny! But thought very sad Henry gives permisstion to see the Queen only when she is sick and dieing.So sad. Henry could be very cruel when he wanted to be espeacualy when it came to Katherine, And Mary. Loved this article very much!!

    • Georgia

      I agree he was very cruel especially when they genuinely loved each other at the start of their marriage such a shame!

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