1. Sue Ellen

    Trying to find a place to comment on Henry VIII’s health. If you could put this in the right place, please do! I’m reading ‘I, Elizabeth,’ a novel. It speaks of Katharine Parr’s nursing of Henry’s leg, which smelled terrible and would not heal. I think, with his weight, he was probably diabetic. Therefore, a minor blister or sore could become much worse and be unable to heal.

  2. Correction: love to Fill you IN on some…..
    Thomas Stuckley’s mother is a 13th great grandmother to Ada Sweet-Rice my 3rd cousin. Perrott ap Rice is an alleged grandson of Henry VIII in Wales Via the Daughter of Sir John Perrot Margaret Mercer ap Rice 1580. Her mother Johanna Lovelace were neighbors in Wales and Sir John were ummm close enough. The Steubbs Family of England: Anne daughter of HESTER , Daughter of Ethelralda Mault married Codrington and their daughter ANNE also married into Ralph Marsh FAmily of London. My Ancestor is Whitehall Marsh on my Paternal grandmothers side which means we children inherited the faces of the Tudor’s because of two lines of descent…actually 3 but I won’t go into that here. DCR 1948

  3. Dear Ms. Larsen: I have become a patron level supporter of this wonderful site. I am also engaged in research of the Tudor’s as they are part of my family History. I am the 13th great grandson of Owen Tudor and Catherine de Valois according to online site GENI through the Chalfant’s of Windsor Castle 1541 birth of twin girls Elizabeth and Lucy to Margaret Artbroke-Bennet. And Further, to the last King of S. Wales Sir Rhys ap Twddwr justicator of William the Conquorer 1066. Having only recently discovered this AMAZING family history I read your site dare I say….Greedily? That’s an apt description. I would love to fill you on some Henry VIII’s lesser known bastard line children and we downliners here in America. Dale C. Rice 9th ggson of Sir Robert Dudley 1533.

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