1. Barbara J. Boettger

    Katherine was a warrior in her own right. She was a brave, strong and very intelligent woman. Anne Boleyn couldn’t hold a candle to her. I often wonder if Henry ever realized that. The biggest mistake he made was leaving her.

  2. Candia Harland

    Enjoyed this article so very much! Katherine most definetly was the best of Henrys wives! To think SHE took and defended England agenst their enemies and while she was pregnant! She truly loved England. Henry should’ve been more kinder to her. She is an AWESOME inspiration!!!!

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Thanks, Candia! I just purchased Alison Weir’s new novel about her. I was surprised to find it in the fiction section but the person at the book store made it sound like historical fiction, so I’ll have to do some research after reading it. I look forward to learning even more about Katherine of Aragon.

  3. Sandy Wallace

    It is interesting that Henry had so much faith in Catherine through so many years and he threw it all away for Anne Boleyn. Not a smart move!

    • Catalina Monti di Oro

      No, it was not a smart move at all. Queen Catherine of Aragon loved and adored the ground Henry the Eight walked on and she lived her life according to the whims of Henry the Eight and for Henry the Eight to do to her what he did with the schemeing Anne Boleyn is beyond horrendous.

      • Jane Pyne

        What was important and still is in certain countries today is that Henry V111 needed a male heir to the throne. Boys would run and fight for the country. Girls were bargaining power with other countries to fight other countries and they were betrothed at a young age and were there to produce a male heir to their future husband. Mary as his heir was not enough or Katherine however good she was could not keep him from Anne Boleyn.
        Anne was a temptress to a vulnerable man and they wasted seven child bearing years. They were not aware of the ticking clock then.
        LYou still see it today when you think why on earth did he or she walk away from that marriage which was so solid?. Then after all that waste of lives his son dies, Mary marries and she is completely controlled by Philip of Spain no heir and Elizabeth knowing she would have had to give up her independence if she married because she would taken second place to a husband, decided to be the Virgin Queen. Plus knowing what happened to her mother must have had a bearing on her decision.
        How different we could be now as a Catholic country.?….

  4. Jane Pyne

    I found this very interesting and that she was prepared to risk her unborn child for Henry and defending England. I think Alison Weir is excellent. I had not remembered that she was so close to her father and brother. Which was dangerous also from our point of view.
    I think history is all about if and but. I liked Henry. If he had lots of heirs what a difference had would be. How interestingly different it would be if Elizabeth had a child. But we are left with history as it is. Thank you to the previous reply starting the If and But in my mind…..

    • Tudors Dynasty

      It really makes you wonder if all the events of the Battle of Flodden had not happened would she have lost the child? She really was her mother’s daughter. I don’t know a whole lot about Isabel I of Castile but I know she was a fierce ruler. I thought I read somewhere once that she gave birth once all alone – I could be completely wrong, but just imagine!

    • Catalina Monti di Oro

      I think that it is better to read the actual history than the if and the but. Elizabeth would never have had a child. She had the same physical problems as Queen Mary the First of England did. She did not want to marry, not even Robert Dudley, Earl of Leiseter. All she wanted was absolute power and to rule alone, totally by herself and she did not care what history thought of her She did not care what happened after her death. While she was alive, she only wanted to rule England and control Scotland. She was not kind. She could not possibly have been a mother. Look at what she did to the Lady Catherine Grey and the Lady Mary Grey for marrying. She could not stand the thought that people might want to marry. She took a hard stand against marriage. If only Queen Mary the First and King Philip of Spain had had a child. It would have been wonderful. Then people would have died for their faith not remained imprisoned for it, which is what the “great” Elizabeth did. She was not great at all. I was just being sarcastic.

  5. Suzanne Reed

    Thank you for posting this. This is a very interesting article on Katherine of Aragon. Alison Weir is my favorite author for historical fact. Katherine was the best of Henry VIII’s wives, and he certainly didn’t deserve her. Ah, if only Arthur had lived…

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Suzanne, I’m SO happy you enjoyed this article. As I’ve stated many times, I love to find things about the people of the Tudor period that I don’t often see others writing about.

      I often wonder how different things would have been had Arthur lived. Sadly, I’m not sure the Tudor period would be as interesting as it is now. Hahaha

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