1. It was a novel that got me interested in Richard III. Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey was a cold case crime fiction, worked out from a detectives hospital bed. After that I read non fiction on the subject, but also fiction.

    Ive read only one Gregory book, the one about Jacquetta of Bedford, which I enjoyed, but not enough to read the more famous ones.

    Alison Weir is an entertaining non fiction writer, so I just cant bring myself to read her fiction, sorry! Id hate to have her history books spoiled for me.

  2. Marge

    I love what you’ve said about reading historical fiction for entertainment and to get early learning about historical figures. I agree one needs to do research to get at the core of the truth. Some history is invented or exaggerated, i.e., the Casket Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots; Anne Boleyn’s guilt; evidence against the Plantagenets to imprison and execute them during Tudor times; Katharine of Aragon’s divorce. How do we discern the truth then?

  3. Rebecca

    Although I do agree that historical fiction is entertaining, there is a real danger that so few look for real facts and take the fiction as facts. I have entered into too many discussions with people about what they is “history” and will not harbor any actual facts (including series about the Tudors). This is not so much significant when dealing with the Tudors or the Plantangenets, but there are real, devastating consequences with more recent history, I e , native populations in European settled areas (the Americas, Australia, African continent, etc.) Also, it needs to be noted that many authors if history/historical fiction do not allow facts to get in the way of their personal beliefs. There is one author who quotes discredited sources as facts and only adds other sources that specifically follow his/her theory, and does not tolerate open discussion. Yes, I read some historical fiction, and in some cases even recommend it, but I always caution my recommendations with “this is a work if fiction and us not to be considered what really happened”.

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