1. KKlahn

    Ive always found it funny, as has many others, that Mary would often make jabs about Elizabeths possible paternity. She would especially imply Mark Smeaton. But in reality many have found that Elizabeth has the most resemblance to Henry out of his legitimate children. No denying she had her mothers eyes and lean face, but she had Henry flaming red hair and long hooked nose.
    Mary had auburn hair but both her parents had red hair so it wasnt strictly from Henry, and she had a pug nose, not his long hooked one. Its a shame she didnt get her mothers early renowned beauty. She had enough pain in her life without being plain.

  2. Mandy

    Mary is most like Henry
    Henry is definitely more like Bessie.
    Elizabeth is the image of Ann in these pictures.
    Edward is more Henry although I can also see Jane.
    The Tudor nose is defiantly the feature they all have apart from Henry fritz.

  3. Jean Gaherity

    The really interesting one to me is Catherine Carey, the daughter of MAry Boleyn and I truly believe Henry.

    If interested, Google a picture of her, the likeness is remarkable.

    • KKlahn

      I agree. Ive always thought Catherine Carey to be his illegitimate as well and maybe if it were a boy he would have owned that child.

  4. Joyce VandenBerg

    I’ve seen another picture of Edward where he definitely resembles Henry, more than the picture here. I always find Anne B’s pictures are all different, but the one shown here is the one I see most and what I feel she may have looked like. Elizabeth definitely looks like her, except she had Henry’s red hair. I don’t know about Mary. I think she really had a look all her own and does not resemble either parent.

  5. Smilodonichthys (@fossilfriendly)

    good grief Henry’s nose does carry over for most of them doesn’t it? I think Mary looks the most half and half, she’s got her father’s eyes but her mother’s nose. She has the obesity (at least at that age, or maybe it’s just baby fat) that her father has in later years, but the shape of her mother’s face.

    Henry Fitzroy has the eyes and nose of his father, but the over all shape of his face is like his mother’s.

    Elizabeth looks very much like her mother, except for her nose. They’re almost identical.

    Edward, again THE NOSE. He looks over all more like his mother but who knows what would have happened when he became Henry’s age. Perhaps he would have gained weight and started looking like his father. I think he looks rather like Henry when he fathered Mary.

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