Henry VIII Actors You Love – Survey Conclusion

Recently I made a post to our Facebook page about which actor you thought played Henry VIII the best. The response was so overwhelming that it warranted a post on the website. There were roughly 300 comments in the thread, 46 shares and over 13,000 people saw the post. Quite impressive. It seems that not only are we obsessed with the infamous king but we are also very opinionated on the actors who played him.

Jonathon Rhys Meyers, Keith Mitchell and Richard Burton and Robert Shaw were among the favorites from all of you. Take a look at some of the comments that were made about each actor. Enjoy!

Jonathon Rhys Meyers – “The Tudors”

Jonathon Rys Meyers

Erica said,Looked nothing like Henry VIII but he did an AMAZING job! Just how I imagine Henry VIII probably was 🙂
Linda said,Apart from red hair he played Henry VIII very well Hansome, charming ,ruthless and very sexy.”
Cecily said,Never understood why he played this role without the red hair, a very distinguishing feature of HenryVII.
Kimberly said,I didn’t like he didn’t have the red hair but he was very convincing of Henry and I loved him.
Jeffrey said,He was not my idea of Henry VIII at any age.

Richard Burton – “Anne of a Thousand Days”

Jacki said,No one compares to Burton. He became Henry.
Johnette said,He was a great actor. He became the person.
Tina said,Richard Burton’s magnanimous interpretation of the king was phenomenal and lived up to my expectations.



Damien Lewis – “Wolf Hall”

Robin said,I feel Damian Lewis probably best embodied the physical King Henry in his glory days.
Daniella said,I love Damian Lewis.





Keith Mitchell – “The Six Wives of Henry VIII”

Donna said,Keith Mitchell is who got me so hooked on the Tudors and most of English history!!! seemed so life like even down to his coloring!!
Jo Ann said,He looks more like the older Henry
Sonia said,A wonderful classic actor sadly missed but really brilliant as Henry 8th…
Pamela said,I thought Keith Mitchell’s portrayal of Henry (as well as his transformation throughout the miniseries) was quite impressive.
Anne said,Keith Mitchell hands down, from young Henry to obese Henry, the piggy eyes and pursed thin lips, he truely towers above them all.
Natalie said,Keith Mitchell ? love how they actually physically changed his appearance with each wife.!

Robert Shaw – “A Man for all Seasons”

Joanne said,my favourite has to be Robert Shaw – A Man for All Seasons was fantastic.
Anne said,My favourite was Robert Shaw. I thought he portrayed the physicality and mercurial temperament of Henry brilliantly. In my opinion he stole the movie from the great Paul Scofield.




Sidney James – “Carry On Henry VIII”

Since Carry On Henry VIII is meant to be a comedy there were not any of you who picked James Sidney as your favorite Henry.






Charles Laughton – “The Private Life of Henry VIII”

Lisa said,No question, Charles Laughton. Please see all of the movies and youll see, Rhys and Lewis cannot old a candle to Laughton and Burton.
Jessica said,Laughtons portrayal was well played..
Rose said, “He looks the most like the real Henry VIII



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  1. If a person didn’t see all the Henrys, I don’t think they could give a well informed vote. Jonathon Rhys Meyers besides the missing red hair never gained weight that I think was very important to the role. His attitude was there but there was something very lacking. It is by far the most ambitious production and it was a great TV. In my mind no one compares to Keith Mitchell. He had it all. He was very believable. Henry was only handsome as a young man and was not only an ugly fat man, but he was supposedly very unpleasant to be around with the rotting smell of his sores. If they played it realistically no one want to live at the time. The beds had fleas, the clothes smelled, and the people rarely bathed not to mention the streets rot they tracked in was not pleasant . Women are fascinating with the bad boy of history wondering if he would have caught his eye. I like reading about them but read it all of that period and it wasn’t a pleasant time to live.

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