1. Ellie Merritt

    If a person didn’t see all the Henrys, I don’t think they could give a well informed vote. Jonathon Rhys Meyers besides the missing red hair never gained weight that I think was very important to the role. His attitude was there but there was something very lacking. It is by far the most ambitious production and it was a great TV. In my mind no one compares to Keith Mitchell. He had it all. He was very believable. Henry was only handsome as a young man and was not only an ugly fat man, but he was supposedly very unpleasant to be around with the rotting smell of his sores. If they played it realistically no one want to live at the time. The beds had fleas, the clothes smelled, and the people rarely bathed not to mention the streets rot they tracked in was not pleasant . Women are fascinating with the bad boy of history wondering if he would have caught his eye. I like reading about them but read it all of that period and it wasn’t a pleasant time to live.

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