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Articles by Susan on Tudors Dynasty:

Mary Boleyn
Katherine Parr
Mary Tudor, Queen of France & Duchess of Suffolk
Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales
Mary, Queen of Scots
Marguerite of France, Queen of England
The Funeral of Elizabeth of York
Cecily Neville
Mary, Queen of Scots – Holyroodhouse

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Articles by Moniek on Tudors Dynasty:

The Victory of the White Rose at The Battle of Tewkesbury
Elizabeth’s Heiress
The Other Isabella of France

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Articles by Karlie on Tudors Dynasty:

The Personal Tragedies of Henry VII
Lettice Knollys: Cousin vs. Queen(Part 1)
Lettice Knollys: Cousin vs Queen (Part 2)
Lettice Knollys: Cousin vs Queen (Part 3)
Lettice Knollys: Cousin vs Queen (Part 4)

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Articles by Samantha on Tudors Dynasty:

York Sisters in a Tudor World
Did Elizabeth of York Love Henry VII?

Articles by P. Deegan on Tudors Dynasty:

Anne Boleyn: The Rise
Anne Boleyn: Triumph to Failure
Excavating the Face of Young Henry VIII
Tudor Marys
Tudor Katherines

Articles by Angie Dicken on Tudors Dynasty:

Lady Jane Grey – Creating Conspiracy: The Underside of A Timeline

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Articles by Samia Chebbah on Tudors Dynasty:

Joan of Arc: Her Mission
Margaret Beaufort: From Fragile to Martriarch
Anne of Cleves and Henry VIII:The Short Life of a Marriage
Anne Boleyn: The Beginning of the End
The Unpopularity of Anne Boleyn

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Articles by Wendy on Tudors Dynasty:

Interview with Author: Barbara Haskell Denvil
Keeping Up Appearances – Tudor Style

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Articles by JoAnn on Tudors Dynasty:

Dishing with the Tudors: My adventures in Renaissance comedy
Anne Boleyn: The Sweating Sickness

Articles by Alan on Tudors Dynasty:

The Last Plantagenet
Walsingham: Elizabethan Spymaster

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Articles by Tony on Tudors Dynasty:

Warwick: The Man Behind the Wars of the Roses



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Articles by Meg McGath:

The Relationship of Lady Mary Tudor: Henry VIII and His Consort Katherine Parr (Part 1)
The Relationship of Lady Mary Tudor: Henry VIII and His Consort Katherine Parr (Part 2)

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