1. Ginny Jakob

    Awhile ago I was very interested in the Elizabethan Era. After graduation I lost some of my enthusiasm for it. However, now that I have retired i would like to get involved in it again.

  2. Mary

    I had input my first name, Mary, and didn’t notice the post had inserted automatically as Tudor. So I reposted with my correct last name, Thomas, which shows a second entry. And I’m thinking this will make a 3rd post. Grr, I should definitely stick with audio books since my typing is horrendous.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      I saw you gave me a review, which is fantastic (thank you), but I need you to comment on the Facebook post to be included. Its too hard for me to keep track otherwise.

  3. Maya

    Step #1 In the comments below, answer this question: What year did Mary go to France to wed King Louis XII?
    In 1514

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