1. Rhonda

    Wolf Hall is easily my favorite here. It shows better than any other I’ve seen the absolute fear while living in Henry VIII’s England and how terrifying he truly must have been. Some of these I haven’t seen, but Elizabeth R with Glenda Jackson is really good, as is The Six Wives with Keith Michell

  2. Shirley Kreachbaum

    Own all of them. Had some in VHS and then purchased DVD versions. Young Bess is great. Jean Simmons as Elizabeth is spot on.

  3. The Shadow of the Tower was far more historical than The White Princess that covered the same events. Tudormania has been around since the advent of moving pictures. The first entry was Sarah Bernhardt playing Elizabeth in a French silent flick made, I believe, at the end of the XIX century.

  4. Shellie Eyre

    Of all of them I’d have to say that The Shadow of the Tower, Elizabeth R and The Six Wives of Henry VIII (television) made the most strenuous efforts to stick to recorded history. The Shadow of the Tower deserves special credit for taking the time to portray the reign of Henry VII, who is otherwise pretty much overlooked.

  5. Margaret

    I’ve seen all numerous times except for The Shadow of the Tower. I’ll have to check it out if I can find it. Historical inaccuracies withstanding, I love all these movies. I do remember seeing Anne of the Thousand Days at the movie theater, and was completely mesmerized!
    Don’t forget the really old Henry VIII with Charles Laughton!

  6. Barbara Goldsmith

    I have seen all but 3 of the listed movies. My all time favorite is HenryVIII and his 6 wives starring Keith Mitchell. The acting is super!

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