1. Jade

    Who remembers her as a martyr exactly? Certainly not the people of Scotland. She was hated here. She may have lived life the way she wanted but it certainly wasn’t what was best for the country she was Queen of. Only nationalists and SNP supporters use her as a martyr to excuse their hate for the English.

    • Basically, she was French. Shed spent most of her life there and she had relatives over there. If her husband hadnt died, maybe she would have remained in France. I cant see the Scots of the time warming to her. Agreed, not a martyr, except maybe to the Catholics of the time.

      I hate to be rude, but the woman was an idiot, in my opinion.

  2. I agree that she decided to the murder of Queen Elizabeth, but when you have nothing to lose and living a life of misery her choice was clear. In the end Spain became very angry at her death that lead to war that also lead to their destruction of the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth It was cruel but the Pope had declared her a heretic and gave permission to any Catholic to murder her. Image being queen and having all the Catholic countries and the Pope against you. Mary, Queen of Scots was not as strong a queen and made poor choices. I wish she had lived but at that time treason meant death not like our country where you hear treasonous comments all the time that no one does anything.

    • Mary did, indeed, make a lot of poor choices. Lets face it, they didnt want her in Scotland! Elizabeth didnt want to have her killed, because once you killed an anointed ruler, you were on a downward slide and it was okay to kill *you*. Elizabeth kept her alive for twenty years after she fled Scotland, with plotting by the Catholics going on all the time. She couldnt let her go and she couldnt send her back. By the time she was executed it was because Elizabeth had no choice. If she had let Mary live, sooner or later, she would have been the one on that scaffold!
      Sounds like a messy execution, but it could have been even worse. The Countess of Salisbury ended up being executed by the equivalent of a work experience student because the regular headsman was busy elsewhere. Now, THAT was a messy execution!

    • mia

      U R right she wasn’t a strong queen in that way. Having been brought up in France she wasn’t exposed 2 the ruthlessness of the English Monarchs + most of the protestant nobles inc her 1/2 bro, that she treated fairly & bestowed a title on, plotted against her. That was part of her folly, she had a good heart & was not known 4 vindictiveness, unlike Qe1, she destroyed any1 she thot a threat 2 her crown. Unfortuanely, in a sense MQS was ahead of her ,time. She thot if she treated people fairly & equally, they would C she wasn’t trying 2 change them, @ least reg religion.

  3. Robert Kapanjie

    The evidence against Mary was daunting and undeniably accurate , gathered by Elizabeth’s master spy Sir William Cecil. Mary was guilty no doubt , whether she deserved the punishment is debatable. Mary knew what she was doing and the potential consequences thereof when she signed the authorization to proceed with the implementation of the plot of regicide.

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