1. She Certainly took George Clifford The Privateering Earl to the cleaners he was her champion as well, The story goes she dropped her glove he picked it up & gave it to her she presented it to him for him to always have in his hat , Some Lady that Elizabeth

  2. Vivienne

    As I was reading this blog today, something occurred to me and I would love some feedback to others’ opinions to my thoughts! I don’t think Elizabeth was a virgin. I think she loved men and had relations with them. After she consented to marry that French gentleman, the article states that that night she discussed the dangers of childbirth with her ladies in waiting and then changed her mind in marrying. Could this be the reason she never married? Because if she did, she would be pressured to conceive a child, and I think this frightened her immensely! So…….was she labeled the “virgin queen” because she never married and had children? But not really being a virgin at all! What say you all???? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  3. Delanlssays

    The queen’s poem about “Monsieur” is clearly inspired by a sonnet of Petrarcha in his “Canzonniere”..

  4. Christin Rauwolf Winckelmann

    Queen Elizabeth I , would never have gone through with a marriage to a foreigner. As she had always stated, she “was married to England”. I don’t blame her, she would have lost her power to rule and she did such a good job on her own.

  5. Alan Powers

    elizebeth had said she was married to England so I doubt if any man could get close enough to her to marry Robert Dudley may have got the closes to winning her hand in marriage but he had such a shady past that he was not suitable because of her love of her country I doubt that she would have married a foriener

      • Alan Powers

        I would not doubt her research either all I’m saying I think if she had married I believe it would have been an Englishman I think she may have been suspicious of the ambitions of marrying a foreigner I am still learning about English history

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