1. Sherry Sharpnack

    Was Frances possibly named after Henry VVIIIs niece, Frances Brandon, daughter of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, and future mother of Lady Jane Grey?

  2. I loved your article and shall keep it filed as I wrote The Woman in the Shadows about Thomas Cromwell’s wife ( best – selling . Accent Press 2017) and I have a novel in mind re this Elizabeth too. I have also been shown around the manor called Wolf Hall near Marlborough which may be of interest . They will have an open day in August or September.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Thank you, Carol! I actually purchased your book a bit ago and it’s sitting in my TBR pile – cannot wait to read it. I’m in the U.S. but truly wish some day to travel to England to see all the amazing places where this intriguing history took place.

  3. Becky

    I believe her reference to being Thomas Cromwell’s “suitor” refers to the fact that she was asking his assistance. I doubt that it indicates she was courting him.

  4. Shirley lougheed

    Very interesting article. I would love to know more.
    Amazing the amount of courtiers that I don’t know about from the period who lead very interesting lives.

  5. Interesting to hear about the lesser known figure at court . What a roller coaster ride the relatives of the main players had at court . Their association doesn’t always make for an easier life . I can sort of see a resemblance between the sisters with the straight nose . What did their parents look like maybe she favoured one of them ?

  6. Catalina Monti di Oro

    Are those the only details of her marriage to John Paulet, Baron St. John? How did Sir Anthony Ughtred die? That was a very short marriage.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      I didn’t find much on either of those marriages, but to be honest, since I titled the article “Lady Cromwell” my focus was that marriage. In addition, what I did find on those marriages was not interesting enough to share in the article. If you do a quick Google search on either man you’ll find some information. Thanks so much for reading!

      • Catalina Monti di Oro

        Of coarse, I would read. There is not much information on Elizabeth Seymour and she seems to have been a fascinating person in that time period. I have always been interested in her. There was also another sister, was there not? The Lady Dorothy Seymour?! Do you know anything about her?

  7. Christy

    Why do the experts believe that this is now the portrait of Elizabeth Seymour? I don’t see that the woman resembles any of the Seymours.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      To be honest, I struggle to see a resemblance as well. I’ve read in a couple places that she’s wearing widow’s clothing, so it cannot be Katherine Howard and it apparently fits the age Elizabeth would have been as a widow – possibly after her first husband. I’m sure some day the truth will come out. Until then we can say it is not Katherine Howard and is possibly Elizabeth Seymour.

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