1. Oh, yes, she was a lot like her Dad, and not nice. If shed been nice, Im guessing she would have been off that throne very quickly! Likewise if she had married. Her people wouldnt have accepted a local because he was her inferior(a man would have got away with it) or a foreign prince because he was a damn foreigner and probably Catholic. And he would have shoved her aside to be in charge. It must have been frustrating.

    And I cant blame her for making it very clear that you didnt play her for a fool. Those ladies knew the rules when they came to court. She did have the right to be informed. If she had let them get away with it, she would have lost all control.

    That said, I wouldnt want to be one of her ladies!

    Which of the Tudors IS your favourite? Henry VII, Henry VIII or Mary? None of them were nice either!

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