1. Marion

    Her sister Mary treated those who did not share her religious beliefs badly as did Elizabeth. So if you call Mary Bloody Mary then call Elizabeth Bloody too. It seems the apples did not fall from the tree.

  2. I believe that there was much similarity in Elizabeth’s and Henry’s personality. They were both self-centered and demanding of those they ruled. It would seem that as they aged this became more pronounced. But we have to take into consideration that they were raised that way. Henry became almost monster like near the end, but I think Elizabeth cared more for her subjects. Two very complicated people!

  3. Vicki E. Larson

    While I love reading you, Idisagree with you about QEI. Henry VIII was, most assuredly, a fascinating man, but so was his second daughter. Mary was too emotionally damaged to have become a worthy Queen,so I don’t view all her crimes against humanity in aharsh light. QEI surmounted many of the similar ups and downs of her life and was, at the least, as noble as her father.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on the piece. I’m flattered that you love what I write and understand our views differ on Elizabeth. I truly hope that when this month is over that I have a whole new understanding of her. I want to like her as much as the rest of you, I do! -Rebecca

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