1. I find it interesting that all the Tudor boys died young in their teenage years, Henry VIII illegitimate son Henry Fitzroy, and Edward VI, Mary Tudors two boys but the women were all extraordinary, Henry’s daughters, Margaret’s daughter Mary’s girls.

  2. History of Parliment records that Sir Robert Dudley 1532 and the Queen spent many happy hours together at court with a young boy, age 5 or 6 in 1567, Meaning that if was their son sir Francis Bacon would have had special recognition from the crown. Since he was raised by the keeper of the great Seal: Edmund Bacon and his well educated wife catherine Cook it was presumed by them that Sir Francis would be looked after by the crown. He was not. His father did not provide for he and his brother William and both took up residence at Grey’s Inn. When he was left without an estate of inheritance he ran up huge debt and King James Paid them, 40,000 lbs sterling but only in return he not seek the crown. Bacon complied and married a 13 year old heiress and had a long career in law.

    He compiled the inductive method of investigation setting the stage for the scientific method of observation. What world would have emerged from his stewardship as King? His sister is said to be Mary Dudley-Herbert born 1561. He was born 1563, and an unknown male born Nov. 22, 1565 was placed with a Puritan with high connections….See Sir John Perrot 1528. DCR

  3. Yes, I think Ferdinando should have been king, but the powers that be in the Elizabethan government were suspicious of his religion or lack of it. He died in mysterious circumstances. Thanks to Julie Harris for mentioning my novel Many Kinds of Silence. It includes parts about Ferdinando that are fictionalised but based on contemporary historical accounts, particularly the account of his death written by his doctor.

  4. julie harris

    I am a descendant of Lady Frances ,so her line lives on.I am related to Prince William and Prince Henry ,through their mother and father.
    Ferdinando Stanley was married to Lady Alice Spencer,of Althorp,and ,as you say ,he is a descendant of Henry Tudor.
    Thankyou for this,I’ve been reading a few fictional accounts of Ferdinando ‘s life,mixed with truth,in Rory Clements book Traitor and Elizabeth Ashworth’s Many kinds of silence.Well worth a read.Who knows we could have had a King Ferdinando.

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