1. A Hodgson

    I am so strongly drawn to this period in history it’s uncanny- I always seem to search the portraits as if looking for someone I recognise. I don’t sleep well and it’s usually in the early hours that I enjoy reading these links for more understanding of the tudor period. I think it is the most fascinating era in history full of life, double crossing blood thirsty grizzly tales of heart ache and tyranny. Due to COVID19 my boys at home doing school work. My youngest who is 12 yrs had to study the tudors. I was in my element and rarely looking at books was able to explain about HenryVIII breaking away from catholic church, his wivies, bloody Mary, Queen Elizabeth. My daughter is called Elizabeth mainly after Queen Elizabeth I as i wanted her to have a strong bold and fearless heart mirroring our Good Old Queen Bess

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