1. Available Light Studio

    On 12 March 1432, he was granted his inheritance and allowed to take full control of his inherited estates.
    Still in France, >>OOPSY! May 1536, << not long after the death of the Duke of Bedford, Richard was made Lieutenant in France.

  2. THE RICARDIAN, Vol.XXVIII (2018), ppl 15-28, “by just computation of the time”, Livia Visser-Fuchs, addresses this and shows that the time lengths support Richard of York’s fathering Edward IV.

  3. Liz

    The writer of this article appears to have a problem with dates and years. Edward IV was born on 28th April 1442, not 1441. As far as I am concerned the legitimacy of Edward IV’s heirs is under a cloud because of his secret “marriage” to Elizabeth Woodville.

  4. Liam McDonald

    What `proof` is there that Warwick instigated the rumours that Edward was illegitimate? Isn`t it more correct to say that the allegations of illegitimacy originated from the court of Louis XI of France?
    And aren`t there some contemporary reports that say that Cicely, upon learning of Edward`s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville herself declared that Edward was not the son of Richard Duke of York?
    Weren`t there were further reports at the time of Richard III`s usurpation of the throne, that his supporters were circulating the story of Edward`s illegitimacy, with Richard`s approval?
    I don`t for one minute think that Edward was illegitimate, but the evidence to say he wasn`t isn`t exactly conclusive. Like so many of the events from the Yorkist period, the truth of Edward`s legitimacy is covered in mist

    • Tudors Dynasty

      I’m looking for my source on the statement. I read that somewhere else I would not have come to that conclusion on my own. Stay tuned.

    • I agree the dates are wrong. But according to Henry Bicheno, there has been research into the ‘precontract’ to Eleanor Butler allegation. No evidence has been found to support it, but it was a very convenient story for Richard iii.

      Michael Hicks said that it might be possible to find out if Edward iv was his father’s son through DNA analysis if anyone thinks it is imprtant enough. But the allegation sof bigamy and witchcraft in relation to the Wydvil marriage cannot be tested, especially as there were no wedding certificates at the relevant time. Edward v deserves the benefit of the doubt.

      So does Edward iv. It’s a wise child that knows it’s own father. How does anyone know they’re who they’re supposed to be?


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