• Tudors Dynasty

      Please take a look again. There are three ladies referenced by that name in the article, Katherine of Aragon, Katherine Fillol and Kateryn Parr. I do not see anywhere that I spelled her name Katherine instead of Kateryn.

  1. Richard P. McArthur

    The portrait in the article identifies “Katherine Parr”, which is the rendition elsewhere. Why is it “Kateryn” here?

    The article doesn’t show the dynamics of Edward Seymour’s fall, except to point out the perpetrator was Dudley of Warwick.

    • Tudors Dynasty

      When she signed her name it was “Kateryn” – I’ve recently started to spell the Katherines/Catherines names differently to distinguish between the three. Katherine of Aragon I’ve kept as Katherine because I cannot read her handwriting…Katheryn Howard because that is how she signed it and Kateryn Parr, because that’s how she signed it.

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