1. Nancy Stafford Griesinger

    I would like to know more about Dorothy Stafford, Lady Stafford whose parents were: Ursula Pole and Henry Stafford, 1st Baron Stafford. I would like to know the names of her children and mainly her grandchildren. Also, if one of her grandsons sailed to America on the ship Furtherance in 1622. Thank you

  2. Robert Kapanjie

    I believe that the laws of treason would have the effect of making family members allies to the king. For fear of loss of inheritance relatives , if they knew of a plot , would try to discourage it from coming to fruition . What I would be curious about is whether an individual who knew of a planned royal assassination , even if he was not involved in the act could be found guilty of treason , just by remaining silent. I suspect he could. Does anybody know ?

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