1. John Nichols

    Interesting article. Recent digs at the Tower garbage dumps have unearthed banana peels. So we know that at least some Tudors ate bananas.

  2. We ate Bulgar: Boiled whole wheat cornels with milk and sugar until about 1955. That is when we gave up the cow in the back yard….chickens too. We moved to town where my mother managed a village Hotel with 2 floor and about 25 rooms. She cared for a dentist who had diabetes and she managed to save my teeth by his expertise. She also learned the skill of Dental Assistant and later got a state job at a reform school. All because she cooked on the farm for 6 children husband and farm laborers. From the most humble labor the future is sometimes derived. DCR

  3. Nanci

    Wonderfully informative article on how people of all classes ate during the Tudor era. I was really suprised that the carrot back then was a purple root vegatable until the 16th century when the sweeter orange one came about.

  4. Judith Thomas

    I am totally fascinated by the Tudor era of English history. I have never been to England but I have put that as one of my bucket list wishes.

    Thank you for the article on foods of that time, AMAZING

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