3 Generations: Plantagenet Women

3 Generations: Margaret Pole, Ursula Pole & Dorothy Stafford                     Ursula Pole Stafford - viaTudor Chronicles: Ursula Pole was born in 1504 and was the only daughter of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury and Sir Richard Pole. Making Ursula the granddaughter of the Duke of Clarence and therefore had a claim to the English throne. Sir Richard Pole died when Ursul [More]

Tudors or Plantagenets: which royal dynasty put the great into Britain?

Tudors or Plantagenets: Which Royal Dynasty Put the Great into Britain?- The Telegraph "Which dynasty was the greatest for Britain: the Tudors - as portrayed in Wolf Hall - or the Plantagenets?" What a question! Great Britain didn't exist until Elizabeth l named James Vl of Scotland (James l of England)her successor. James was also a descendant of the Tudor line through his Grandmother, Margaret Tudor. Margaret was sister to Henry Vlll and the daughter of Henry [More]

Did Queen Anne Neville Have An Uncle Who Was King?

  While searching for images of the Duke of Clarence I came across this image from the National Portrait Gallery, London. I had never heard of Henry, Duke of Warwick and became intrigued. Who was he and why is he portrayed with the Kingmaker, his family and the Duke of Clarence in this etching? From what I can tell, Henry was brother to Anne (Beauchamp) Neville. They were children of Richard Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick, and Isabel le Despenser. Anne wo [More]

Richard lll’s Family Tragedies

Excerpt from The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Royal Britain by Charles Phillips: The following year King Richard's 11 year-old son and only child, Edward, Prince of Wales died. Richard and his queen, Anne, were maddened with grief. The prospect of a Yorkist inheritance, so dear to Richard's heart, began to look extremely vulnerable and when, in March 1485, Queen Anne died after a prolonged illness, rumours circulated that Richard had had her killed so that he could bolster [More]